Jun 18, 2009

Baking with Sunny Yaw on 13th Jun 09

It took me few days to prepare this long post of my 2nd workshop with Sunny last Saturday. I attended 2 workshops in a day and learnt a total of 6 cakes. I think I'm a bit too ambitious...lol! I was surprised that the classes were full and most of them signed up for both classes. I didn't take many photos as I was seated right behind. These 6 cakes were quite unique and more of hotel style than home baked cakes. It was creative too to infuse asian flavour into it like using gula melaka, chempadek and black sesame. Should I call it fusion cakes...?

Chocolate Indulgence Cake
A very rich and chocolatery cake with a layer of light and fluffy honey cake base. Wow, the dark chocolate mousse was really an indulgence, very shiok! Maybe too rich for some of them but acceptable to me. Refer to: Big Boys Oven

Gula Melaka Cheesecake

This was delicious! The cheese was light and creamy with a hint of gula melaka. The saltiness of the thick oreo cookie base complimented the cheese so well. I like it very much and it was not very sweet. Yum yum! I will be trying out this recipe soon. Refer to: Big Boys Oven

Rouleau Chocolate au Banana

This was more like a chocolate swiss roll filled with chocolate ganache and banana. I felt this was a bit dry and was not the usual swiss roll texture.
That's for the 1st workshop, out of the 3 cakes I liked the Gula Melaka Cheesecake the most. Then, we went for a lunch break and came back for the afternoon class. The menu for 2nd workshop was even more interesting!


White Chocolate Raspberry Square

This was heavenly rich and taste like raspberry ice cream. The mousse was made with Valrhona white chocolate, it was deliciously creamy and blend well with the raspberry puree. Thumb up for this, planning to make this for my colleague's bd since I have a tub of raspberry puree lying in my freezer. Refer to: Big Boys Oven

Bamboo Charcoal Black Sesame White Chocolate Cake

This was the attraction and winner of the day. I believe quite a few of them signed up this class for this cake. I'm also one of them...hehehe! Black charcoal has created a rave in Japan and Taiwan where they used it in cakes and bread but still not very common in Singapore. We can't even get this charcoal powder in Singapore but now Anna's Culinary is selling it. A very spongy and soft cake made with black charcoal powder and fill with black sesame powder butter cream. A very new taste to me and quite nice. I bought a small pack of charcoal powder from Sunny, will be making this soon for my Aunt Peggy. She love it after tasting the sample I brought home. Refer to: Big Boys Oven

Chempedak Gateaux

Chempedak in cake! Almost similar to durian mousse cake but I think this was even more yummy... This was definitely unique and my family love this especially my uncle and Di. But I find it too sweet, I will need to reduce the sugar. Anyway, this was still good.
Finally came to an end of the workshop. It's a long and tiring day, nearly lost concentration towards the end of the 2nd workshop. Both classes were full so it was rather crowded and furthermore airconditioning not working very well that day! However, I'm glad to have met a new friend who also read my blog and previously attended Valarie's classes too. Nice chit chatting with her and hope to see her again. Also, nice talking to Sidney too! Well, it was a great day afterall. Hope to see Sunny & Sidney in Singapore again!

My delicious samplings from the workshops and now it's time for dessert after dinner. I made some tea and finished all these up with my family. Shiok and satisfying!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Wendy,

It's really nice to have met you in person and looking forward to seeing you in future classes too! Oh, I love the cakes too, especially the gula melaka cheese cake and the white chocolate raspberry square. Well, we'll keep in touch.


Wen said...

Hi Karen,

Nice to have met you too! Keep in touch ya!

Big Boys Oven said...

it is really cool that both of you (yourself & Karen) enjoyed the cakes :) Now I am waiting for your baking results. do let us know the out come of your findings.

Wen said...


Sure I will keep you update on it. Going to try one of the recipe next week.

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