Jun 10, 2009

JB Ah Meng

A must try recommendation from ieatishootipost, nice and cheap zi char stall in Geylang but many will hestitate to go even though the food is quite nice. As for me, as long as the food is good who's care! Went there for dinner on Tues with family.

White Pepper Crab (3 for S$21.00)

The white pepper crab was very cheap and taste as good as those at "No Signboard". Surprisingly the crab were not that small and quite meaty. This was worth ordering.

Sanlou Beehoon (S$6.00)

Sanlou or three storey beehoon. It was served as shown above like an omelette but once you start digging, there were lots of caixin and bits of cuttlefish and prawns hidden under the beehoon. All of us like these, something different and taste similiar to local char kway teow but not as sweet. Very yummy!

Deep Fried Eggplant w/Prawns (S$15.00)

Another different approach in cooking eggplant. Deep fried like tempura and stir fry with leek, prawns and lard. Not bad but felt it was too oily for my liking.

Namyu Wu Hua Rou (S$10.00)

A bit dry and nothing special.

Deep Fried Fish Skin w/Papaya Salad (S$8.00)

This was yummy and appetizing. Also, a very different way of serving fish skin. Usually we dip the skin in wanton soup but this was top with papaya salad. Delicious! A good start for the meal.

French Bean w/Crispy Lotus (S$10.00)

This was my favourite dish. The french bean was stir fry w/lots of garlic and top w/crispy lotus. The lotus was sliced very thinly and deep fried till crisp. A nice combination w/french bean. Thumb up for this.
A zi char that served JB style dishes in S'pore red light district, Geylang! If you don't mind the location and ambience, this is worth trying! Plus, the food are cheap and good.

JB Ah Meng
New Good Place Eating House
2 Geylang Lor 23
Daily: 5pm to 3am
Tel: 67412418


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