Jun 15, 2009

The Making of Tartelettes by Sunny Yaw

The last 2 weeks have been quite hectic for me. Been working and sleeping late. Miss my oven and mixer... really don't have time to do any baking at all. Recipes piling up waiting for me to try out. Anyway, no matter how tie up I am recently, I still make time to attend Sunny Yaw's workshops from Big Boys Oven, KL. When I read from their blog that they are coming to Singapore last weekend, I'm the first one to call Anna's Culinary to register. A bit kiasu right, typical Singaporean!!! Lol!!!

He scheduled 3 classes at Anna's and initially I only planned to register for 2 of them but in the end I attended all. The first one I attended was on Friday's evening - The making of 3 types of tartelettes:
- Macaron Tarts
- Japanese Lemon Tarts
- Japanese Cream Cheese Tarts

This macaron tarts were well liked by most. Much easier to make compare to making macaron. Nuts and fresh fruits can be added too and is not overly sweet like macaron.

Japanese Lemon Tarts, my favourite among the 3. Some of them find it too sour but was just right for me. A crunchy tart shell filled with delicious fresh lemon custard and top with Italian meringue. They just complimented each other so well and was especially yummy and refreshing when it was chilled. Thumb up for this!

Japanese cream cheese tarts - Very presentable and pretty. Can play around with flavours and topping. We had mango, strawberries, cherry, raspberry & green tea flavor cream cheese. Quite nice!

Overall, I enjoyed the class and we got to do some handon on pressing the pastry into the mould. That evening class was not as crowded as the next day class so Sunny seem to be more relaxed. He is quite patient and can see that he was trying his best to explain each and every steps to us. Stay tuned I have another 2 workshops updates coming up soon...

Blk 47 Sims Place #01-173
Singapore 380047
Tel: 62943588, 67470069 Fax: 67470021


Big Boys Oven said...

wow! I am a bit kaisu now, I want to be the first one to comment on your marvellous blog! :)

Great that you had enjoyed our classes! hahaha yeah Sunny got a bit stressed out due to the good reponmse lol! :)

email2me said...

All of them were delicious. I attended their class as guest photographer before too :D and get to sample all these marvelous creations :P

Wen said...

Hi Sidney,

Yes I had a great time and looking forward to attend more of Sunny's classes in S'pore. My family liked most of the cakes I brought back from the workshops.

Selba said...

So great that you could join BBO class, I would love to join it someday :)

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