Jul 20, 2009

Chiffon Cake 101

Saturday, 11/7/09

Attended another baking class at Shermay's Cooking School. Back by popular demand - Chiffon Cake 101 by Chef Christopher. As usual, it was fully booked and I was lucky to have signed up rather early.

Chiffon cake, my favourite type of cake to bake. For the past months, I had tried a few chiffon recipes, some was good and some was not so satisfactory. Hoping that after attending this Chiffon class, I will be able to learn some new techniques in baking chiffon.

Chef Christopher Tan is a writer, editor, food consultant, cookbook author, food stylist and photographer. He is a good speaker, very detailed and clearly shown us the demo of 3 types of cakes and along the way gave us all the necessary tips on baking chiffon cakes. The main concern on baking a good chiffon is getting the right peakness of the egg white. Hence, he set aside some times to show us clearly how to beat the egg white and what is the accurate texture required. However, I was quite confused after that as his stiff peak was liked soft peak to me. Very different from how I used to make my chiffon. Anyway I will try out his method and see which is better. By the way, his method was manual without using cake mixer, a good way to my arm...lol!

Dark Chocolate Rum Chiffon Cake

Among the three cakes, this was my favourite. Very tasty, moist and spongy but not the usual cotton soft chiffon that I'm used too.

Japanese Chiffon Cheesecake

This cheesecake was a crowd pleaser too when served to us during the class. It was light but not as cakey as the usual Japanese cheesecake but rather chessey and creamy. Not bad.

Zingy Orange Chiffon Cake

Another very yummy cake where lots of zest added by using 2 types of oranges - normal and mandarin oranges. However, I find it too sweet and I will want to reduce the sugar if I'm making it even though we were advised not to do so.

2 big and chunky slices of chiffon nicely packed in a box for us to bring home and the cheesecake was served during the class.

A Saturday afternoon well spent and looking forward to attending the bread class at Shermay's this coming Saturday.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Wen,

I have gotten the chiffon cakemaking bug eversince I tried out your pandan chiffon recipe and it worked- for the FIRST time in my life. All my previous chiffon cake experiences have been a failure and I have stayed away until I read your blog..Thank you so much! Now I am determined to improve. Please share your recipe for the dark choc rum and japanese chiffon once you have tried it out. It looks simply delicious and I cannot wait to bake for my parents who adore chiffon cakes....!

Wen said...

Hi Anonymous,

How do I address you? Glad to know that the pandan chiffon recipe works well for you.

Sorry to disappoint you that those workshops recipes from Shermay's & Valerie's cannot be published or circulated due to copyright issue.

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