Jul 19, 2009

Claypot Fun

Claypot Fun was featured on Sunday Times 2 weeks ago by Wong Ah Yoke. He had given a rather high rating for this newly opened joint serving cantonese style claypot rice and dishes. With family, thinking of what to eat last friday (10/07/09) and landed at this restaurant.

The minutes we entered the very retro decorated restaurant, the fragrant of claypot "wok hei" was so good that just make you more hungry. It was crowded and we waited almost 45 mins for our order. The waiter had informed us prior before we ordered that it will be a long wait as there were too many orders. And, they cooked their rice from scratch so it will take min 15mins wait if it is not crowded.

Cantonese or rather Hong Kong style claypot rice was different from the typical claypot rice that we are used too. It doesn't serve with black sauce but just some light sauce specially formulated by their chef. However, you will be surprised that it's just taste as good without black sauce. The rice testure was good and so fragrant. I believe a good stock was used to cook the rice in order to obtain such taste.

Claypot rice w/salted fish and minced pork - S$10.80
A must try, so far is the best claypot rice that I had eaten. You don't even need to add any sauce to it. Though it looked plain but it was not plain in taste when eaten with the well season salted fish minced pork. Yummy....
Claypot rice with chicken and mushroom - S$10.80
This was not bad too but not as rich in taste as the salted fish minced pork rice. Just add some light sauce in and it was perfect. The chicken was tendered and nicely seasoned. If you don't like salted fish, this will be another choice for you.
There are a total of 7 types of claypot rice to choose from, other than the above 2. There are Claypot rice with preserved chinese sausages / live frog / minced beef & egg / pork ribs and claypot rice with just fragrant pork oil. The prices are reasonably good ranging from S$5.00 to $16.80. One claypot can serve up to 2 - 3 paxes.
Claypot Pork Liver - S$9.00
There are 7 types of claypot specialities and we tried 2 of them. The pork liver was nicely cooked with ginger and spring onion in a very yummy sauce. More rice please....
Lettuce with red fermented beancurd - S$6.00
Nice and sizzling hot when served.
Watercress with pork ribs soup - S$5.20
You can ordered some double boiled soup to go with your meal too. 4 choices on the menu but that day all were sold out except for watercress. Actually wanted pickled mustard w/duck soup.
Additional S$2.00 for soup

Another interesting find from reading the review on Sunday Times which was not stated on the menu. You can actually request to add soup to your claypot after you finished the rice with additional charge of $2.00. A good idea to finish up all the rice in the pot by letting it soaked for awhile, it will become rice porridge. If you like the burnt smell of the rice, you will like this.
A very satisfying and unforgetable meal that don't cost much. Total bill - S$51.55 for 4. Value for money and quality food. Believe me, this was one of the best meal I had in months.

Claypot Fun
902 East Coast Parkway
Block B #01-11
Playground @ Big Splash
Singapore 449874
Tel: 64407975
Fax: 63457565
Business hour:
Sun - Thur: 11am to 11pm
Fri, Sat & eve of PH: 11am to 1am


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