Jul 3, 2009

Crab Buffet at Ellenborough Market Cafe


Celebrated my younger brother birthday at Ellenborough Market Cafe, Swissotel Merchant Court last Sunday. They are having Crab Buffet Promotion from 25/6/09 to 12/7/09 at $46.00++/pax (HSBC promotion - 3 + 1 free). After disc, is about $40.60/pax.

A few bloggers were invited by the hotel for food tasting and most of them given rather good reviews on it. So we decided to give it a try and since my brother is also a super crab lover.

The main attraction was of course the crabs, it was served in different ways. 3 types of Sri Lanka Crabs, 2 types of Flower Crabs & a slipper lobster.

Chilli Crab

This was quite nicely done. The sauce was just nice not too sweet.
Crispy Mantou

Black Pepper Crab
This was too watery. It's so different from what they served for food tasting.
Crab in Thai Sauce

Only my brother tried this and he said was too sweet.

Nonya Curry Flower Crab

This was not too bad.
Spring Onion Ginger Flower Crab

Never tried this too. Didn't look appealing so none of us took.

Slipper Lobster In Black Bean Sauce

This seem to be more popular than crab. I saw many guest attacked this. I felt that the sauce was too sweet for my liking.

From left: The pork and crab fried rice was nice. Shark fin soup was lousy, too starchy and can't even find a single strand of fin! Lobster soup was ok but the after taste was not pleasant. Crab Risotto, I tried some, it's quite creamy & tasty. My cousin liked it.

Here's some of the usual buffet stuffs that we tried.

After this dinner, all of us agreed that we should stay away from Crab & Buffet for awhile! Among all the crab, only the chilli crab was the passable one. Most of us felt that the crab quality was not very good as some of the crab meat was soft. Anyway, only recently I noticed that I'm allergy to crab so I only ate a piece of flower crab.

20 Merchant Road
GF Swissotel Merchant Court Singapore
Singapore 058281
Tel: 6239-1848
Open daily


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