Jul 4, 2009

Colleague's BD Lunch @ Cafe Oliv


It was my colleague, Marlyn's birthday and my boss gave her an early BD celebration at Cafe Oliv. A few of us tagged along too. All of us had the set lunch @ 10.90+ per set which comes with a soup and drink. I think it was a super value for money meal for the type of quality food we were getting. We had 2 starters, 1 garlic bread, 6 set lunch and 2 brownies to share. I will not post the pictures of the soup and dessert as it was the same as my previous visit.

The Appetizers:

White Button Mushroom Fritter ($7.90)

Battered whole white mushroom coated with bread crumbs fry to crispy. The meaty mushroom was so juicy and the batter was tasty. Yummy!

Salty Egg Soft Shell Crabs Biscuit Fritter ($4.90)

Soft shell crabs marinated and stuffed with salty eggs breaded with biscuit fritter. This was quite salty and heavy taste. I don't find it very nice even though is their Must Try dish.

Set Lunch Entrees:

Pan-fried Pesto Cream Dory with Garlic Mushroom Olive Butter

Pesto marinated dory fish pan fried with garlic olive butter served with vegetables & potatoes. The birthday girl and FL had these. Their comment was not bad but not very fantastic lah.... but the portion was good.

Oliv Beer Battered Fish

Beer marinated dory fish fried to golden served with mesclun greens, crunchy wedges and garlic tartar. SS had this and all of us tried some. Wow, this was really good! The batter was very thinly coated so it was not that crispy but complimented the moist & juicy fillet well. I actually can taste a hint of beer.

Oliv Traditional Beef Stew with Fennel

Stewed tender beef shin served together with fennel, potato and pilaf rice. My boss JS had this and she like the sauce very much and even ordered extra garlic bread to go with it. I tried some and yes it was good. The sauce was tasty and the beef was so tender. Nice!

Garlic bread

The portion was big as there were 4 thick slice of french loaf. Freshly toasted with generous amount of garlic spread.

Salmon Pasta

I had the Char-grilled reddish salmon served on cream penne. It was done the way I liked it. Not too creamy and yet tasty. Pasta and salmon was not overcooked. But, would prefer a thicker slice of salmon.

Seafood Pasta

Lastly, LL had the fresh assorted seafood linguine served on cream sauce. I never tried as it was almost the same as mine. Looks good though as it was served with 2 mussels, 2 pcs of squids and 2 prawns.

As dessert was not included in the set lunch so we ordered 2 brownies to share. All of them love the brownie w/ice cream. It's a must have when you dine at Cafe Oliv. It was a satisfying and happy lunch. Sometimes is good to get away from office and have a long lunch but of course only when is with boss then we can have that priviledge.

Cafe Oliv
220 East Coast Road
Singapore 428917
Tel: 63443114 Fax: 63441501


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