Sep 27, 2009

Hot Favourites Workshop Menu 8 w/Chef Yong

Korean food is also one of my fav cuisine so I was glad that Chef Yong was conducting a workshop on that. Of course I registered for it after confirming the timing was alright for me. It's been quite sometimes since the last time I attended Chef Yong classes. I think last one was a CNY workshops which was more than 8 months ago. The workshop was not as crowded as before but still a handful.

Attended this workshop at Cairhill CC on 11th Sep 09 after dinner at Toa Payoh Lor 5. The menu included 3 popular Korean dishes which are commonly served in Korean Restaurant and all are my fav too. Chef Yong worked with Koreans before when he was stationed in States so I think his recipes are rather authentic and homestlye.

Also known as Korean Miso Flavoured Hot Pot - This soup was delicious and a bit spicy, rich & full of clam flavor.

I cooked this many times at home but premix sauce was used instead. For the workshop, the marinade was all done from scatch and definitely taste so much better than the premix. Yummy!

Even the dipping sauce (usually in green box sold in Korean mart) was made from scratch too. The difference was this was more spicy, watery and less salty than the ready paste. Not bad but I think I will just stick to the ready paste. Too troublesome to make...

Korean Glass Noodle - A saute dish with a few types of veg and some meat. This was a bit too salty for my liking.


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