Oct 4, 2009

Hong Sheng Restaurant

16th Sep 09

Had dinner at Hong Sheng, this zi char has been around since I'm a kid. Maybe now is operated by the 2nd generation. They are quite popular in Toa Payoh. We seldom dine there because the waiting time can be long. Running out of idea what to eat and don't wish to travel far so I sugguested to try this zi char.

It's been years since we last dined at this coffee shop zi char. I remember they served authentic cantonese style zi char and their signature dishes are "Pai Gu Wang" & "Har Lok". Well, the cooking are still good and full of "wok hei". We enjoyed every single dishes we ordered and was very surprised that the bill only came up to $48. It's really value for money.

"Har Lok" - Pan Fried Prawn w/sauce (S$15.00)

This was good even I don't like prawn, total 5 big and juicy prawns were given and good to know that it was not farm prawn but those from the sea.

"Pai Gu Wang" - Pork Ribs (S$7.00)

We seldom order pork ribs when we have zi char but since it was their signature dish so we had one too. Still as good as before, the sauce was appetizing and the meat was tender.

Bittergoud Fish Head w/Black Bean Sauce (S$8.00)
This was very delicious and full of wok hei. The sauce just make you want more rice....
Kai Lan w/Slice Fish (S$12)

They are very generous in the fish and it was so fresh. Very good and taste authentic!
Seafood Hor Fun & Bee Hoon (S$3.00 ea)

We order these to share too, if you want to know how zi char stall hor fun taste liked in the past? You got to try these. Only fresh ingredients used and flavourful rich stock was used to cook the noodles. And it's got the wok hei too. We preferred the hor fun than the bee hoon.
A very satisfying meal and we definitely will be back often.

23th Sep 09
We went back again the next week when I came back from my trip. Tried different dishes this time round.
Claypot Fish Head

This is also one of the popular dish that many will order. The song fishhead was very fresh and it came with lots of long cabbage, carrot, yam, mushroom & roast pork.

Prawn Paste Chicken

Seafood Crispy Noodles & Garlic Cai Xin

The noodle, chicken & veg were also good too. Especially so when we just came back from Japan, all these are comfort food and made us feel at home.

Hong Sheng Restaurant
Blk 203 Toa Payoh North
Operating Hour:
5.00pm to 10.30pm


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