Oct 6, 2009

Popeyes Chicken & Biscuits

17th Sep 2009

The evening before departing to Tokyo, we had a quick dinner at Terminal 1 - Eatz @ The Terrace. Popeyes chicken serves crispy fried chicken, cajun fries, mashed potatoes & biscuit. Used to be available in T1 only but now they have outlets at T3 & Singapore Flyers. We ordered a combo set to share.

The chicken was nice and not as oily as KFC but the breast meat was rather dry. However, some chicken parts were extremely big and some very small. If you prefer to choose the part of the chicken, there will be a surcharge.

The cajun fries was very nice. I like the biscuit too, very fluffy and taste really good with the strawberry jam. As for the mashed potatoes, I still prefer the KFC version.

Airport Boulevard 3F
Changi Airport T1
Tel: 6545 7473
Operating hour:
11am to 12am


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