Oct 12, 2009

Just Dessert 1 Workshop By Daniel Tay

27th Sep 09

My 3rd workshops with Daniel Tay - Just Dessert 1. All recipes taught on that day can be found in his cookbook - Just Dessert. I was very tired that day so didn't really pay much attention during the class so also don't know what I have learnt except that I remembered all were quite nice... lol! The class was surprisingly not full, I guess maybe that Sunday was F1 final race. Now, let's see what was demonstrated...


A small French pastry with a soft & tender center and a dark, thick caramelised crust. A specialty of France. Made from a liquid batter that is baked in a pre-heated mould coated with bee wax, giving the canelé a caramelised crust and marrowy inside.

Chocolate & Original Soufflé

A soufflé is a light, fluffy, baked cake made with egg yolks and beaten egg whites combined with various other ingredients. A kind of French pudding that can be served as a savory main dish or sweetened as a dessert.


A highly enriched French Bread, high egg and butter which gives it a rich and tender crumb. It also has a dark, golden brown and flaky crust.


Baked brioche slices with almond cream, topped with almond flakes and icing sugar.

Pain Perdu (French Toast)

A popular breakfast food made with bread, milk, vanilla and spice, served with vanilla ice cream.

Just Dessert 1 Workshop by Daniel Tay (CEO of Bakerzin) on 27th Sep 09 at Shermay's


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