Oct 12, 2009

Siang Hee Restaurant - A Revisit

Relocated to:
Serangoon Gardens Food Centre,
Stall 20. 49A Serangoon Garden Way

27th Sep 09

After my class at Shermay's, I joined my family for dinner at Siang Hee. The standard seem to have dropped as compared to my last visit. I was rather impressed with the food the last time. However, that evening we didn't really enjoy the food as most of them were very oily. Maybe we ordered too many fried dishes so was rather "jerlard". To my surprise only 2 to 3 tables were occupied, was it due to F1 again?

Fragrant Prawn

The battered prawn was oily and the sauce too sweet for my liking.

Fried Fish w/Thai Chilli Sauce

Oyster Egg

I don't have to say much, just looked at the picture... so much oil & unappealing!

Crispy Pork Knuckles

Even their signature dish seem to gone wrong too... The skin was not as crispy as it should be but rather chewy and the meat was a tad too dry for my liking. This was the worst among the rest, the fish was coated with so much flour to deep fry. Seem like they had pre-cooked it and re-fry it to serve. It's really too oily and the sauce was full of oil too.

French Beans w/Dried Shrimp & Garlic Ngai Bai

At least the 2 vegetables we ordered were quite nice.

Siang Hee Restaurant
Blk 89 Zion Road
Singapore 160089
Opening Hr: 11am to 10.30pm
Closed once every 3 weeks on Tuesdays
Tel: 97364067


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