Nov 21, 2009

Curry Udon & Grilled Saba

12th Nov 09

Last week, I cooked a simple and easy Japanese meal at home on one of the weekday evening. Bought a pack of frozen Jap Udon from Meidi-ya weeks ago, this udon was very different from those found in Local supermarket. It's imported from Japan, the texture is very springy and chewy. After trying this, I think I will never want to have those local types. Just need to cook in boiling water for 1-2 mins, drain and served it in any kind of stock of your preference.

Curry Udon

My easy and simple to cook Curry Udon that tasted real good.

1. Cooked Udon in boiling water for 1-2mins. Drain.

2. Desolved 1 pack of instant curry paste in 300ml (1 serving) of water, add in shabu shabu pork. Simmer till pork is cooked.

3. Pour ready stock and pork into the udon, served with spring onion and hard boiled egg.

Note: This can be found in Meidi-ya or Isetan Japanese Supermarket.

Grilled Saba Fish

Side dish to serve with the udon. This was Frozen IQF Saba Fillet available in most supermarkets. I got mine from NTUC. It's tasted as good as those served in the Foodcourt or even Jap restaurant. Defrost and season it with some salt, pepper, sesame oil & lightly coated with cornflour, using high heat pan seared it till golden. Note, do not overfry or deep fry it as the flesh will be tough and dry. Serve with freshly squeezed lemon juice, OMG it's amazingly good and not fishy at all! The fish was sweet, tasty, juicy and oily.


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