Nov 20, 2009

A Nice Butter Cake Recipe

11th Nov 2009

I always plan to bake something and tend to stock up a lot of eggs. So was sort of overstocking and was glad to chance upon this butter cake recipe that uses 9 eggs. An Old-Fashion Butter Cake recipe adapted from A Daily Obession. Thanks Terri from A Daily Obession for sharing this wonderful recipe. The cake was light in texture, buttery and not overly sweet. Very well received by my family and colleagues. I can easily finished a few slices at one go. The next time I'm going to use this recipe for marble cake. I think it will be very nice too.

Butter Cake

Recipe adapted from A Daily Obession


Quyen Phan said...

Please share recipe, I cannot find recipe with link provided. Thank u, Quyen

wensdelight said...

Hi Quyen,
So sorry I din even notice the link had gone... I also did not keep a copy.

Yuen Shee said...

The cake can only be beautifully created texture-wise, using a balloon whisk instead of a spatula. The egg yolks and egg whites should be separated. Pour the batter into the beaten egg whites and fold with a balloon whisk or any forms of hand whisk instead of using a spatula. Mix gently and thoroughly until the mixture becomes very fine and even. For 200 gms butter and 200 gms flour you may use either four, five or even six standard eggs. The secret of getting beautiful cake texture lies on how you fold the batter.

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