Nov 19, 2009

Christmas Fruit Cake

10th Nov 09

Christmas is coming! Has anyone started to plan your Christmas's bake? I'm planning... testing out recipes. Baked Valerie's Fruit cake last week. I don't eat fruit cake at all as I don't like raisin but my family and friends love it so usually I will bake for them during this period.

Verdict from testers (family & colleagues) - Good!


CheezyHeart said...

Not sure if u able to share this recipe? look v tempting.

wld be v.much appreciated, thks

Wen said...

Hi CheezyHeart,

Sorry all Valerie's workshop recipes I'm not allowed to circulate. However, I have posted another X'mas fruit cake recipe which is almost similar and taste as good that you may wish to try.

Happy Baking!

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