Nov 4, 2009

Strawberries Workshop By Daniel Tay

23th Oct 2009

I was at Shermay's attending Chef Daniel Tay's Strawberries workshop after a sumptuous dim sum lunch at Shang Palace. The 2 cakes he was teaching on that day were my favourite's Bakerzin cakes and also their signature cakes. The class was full even on a weekday and some of them took leave to attend the class including myself. My leave was well spent as Daniel Tay's classes are always quite enjoyable. He has another cake class in Nov 09 which also falls on a weekday... I'm so tempted to attend but have to give it a miss as I have no more leaves already. The 3 cakes/pastry he demonstrated that day were all quite tedious especially the Frasier. Most of them concluded that they will not try doing it after watching him gone through the process...

A French style strawberry cake made of almond genoise sponge, pistachio butter cream filled with kirsh-soaked strawberries. The tedious part was preparing the pistachio cream which made up of few types of cream.

A classic cake and also Bakerzin's best seller, made of a genoise sponge and Chantilly cream, topped with fresh strawberries.

A simple fruit tart made of sable dough filled with almond cream, topped with fresh strawberries, raspberries and blueberries, finished with an apricot glaze.

All recipes can be found in his cookbook - Just Dessert

It's a long workshop, almost 3.5-4 hours but very interesting and informative. One of the best Daniel Tay's workshop I had attended so far. We got a box of sample to bring home, freshly made from Bakerzin's factory and delivered to Shermay's just before our workshop ended. So only the above cakes/pastry were made from scratch by Bakerzin's CEO - Daniel Tay and he always joked that he has not been doing any hand on for years as now most of the time he is sitting in his office managing his business.

Chef Daniel Tay (Bakerzin CEO) Strawberries Workshop on 23th Oct 2009 at Shermay's.


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