Dec 30, 2009

Ala Carte Buffet Lunch @ Putien

20th Dec 2009

Putien is having Ala Carte Buffet too! Exclusively at City Square Mall outlet. We were there for Sunday lunch. The menu comprises of 5 sections - Seafood, Meat, Local Delights, Local Entrees & Soup. We liked the seafood section the most and tried almost every items listed. There are buffet bar counters too where we can help ourselves with the cold appetisers, desserts and beverages. The cold appetisers varieties are pretty good and most of them are nice whereas desserts are simple cakes, fruits and jelly. Drinks include coffee, tea, milo and soft drinks.

Generally, the quality of the buffet is good, most of the food are very fresh and tasty. Serving portion was good too as they won't try to serve you big portion so in a way you can try many dishes at one go. The hits are more than the misses, out of the 20 dishes we had, there were only 3 of them we gave thumb down - Stir-Fried Mackerel w/Asparagus (the mackerel is actually fishcake!), Putein Stir Fry Pork (too sweet & heavy flavoured w/5 spice powder) and the Clam & Jelly Soup w/Cucumbers (too bland, like plain water). The rest of the dishes are well executed by the chefs especially "The Golden Flower Fish", "The Chilli Mussels", "Sliced Fish w/Fermented Red Wine", "Stir Fried Yam" and "Lor Mee".
This is a very long post with lots of photos, let my photos speak for themselves... Enjoy!

Ambiance is not too bad but service was only average as some of the staffs looked very impatient and unhappy to serve though it was just a minority. It's rather crowded in the weekends so preferably make prior reservation.

City Square Mall (Buffet)
180 Kitchener Road
City Square Mall
Singapore 208539
Tel: (65) 6509 6015

Monday – Friday

Lunch (12-3pm)
Last Order 2.30pm
Adult: $19.80++
Child (below 1.2m): $11.80++

Dinner (6pm-10pm)
Last Order 9.30pm
Adult: $29.80++
Child (below 1.2m): $17.80++

Saturday/Sunday/Public Holiday

Lunch (11.30am – 3pm)
Last Order 2.30pm
Adult: $25.80++
Child (below 1.2m): $15.80++

Dinner (5.30pm – 10pm)
Last Order 9.30pm
Adult: $35.80++
Child (below 1.2m): $21.80++
*** 10% Disc for Passion Card Member ***


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