Dec 23, 2009

New Sara Lee Mini Cheesecakes

A new product from Sara Lee. Out of curosity, I bought a box from NTUC to try. Quite impress by the way it was conveniently packed. The mini bitesize cheesecake is very light, a great after dinner treat where you just want to have something light and little to satisfy the sweet tooth.

Each approx, 1cm cube has a layer of biscuit crumb follow by smooth cheese with Strawberry puree and top with crumble which has a cinnamon flavor.

Each box contains 18 cubes of delightful mini cheesecake. Available in 4 flavors - Original, Strawberry, Chocolate and Caramel.

Sara Lee - Available in all leading supermarkets.


Lizah81 said...

Is this available to all Singapore NTUC outlet or only selected one? Thank you

wensdelight said...

I think so ... Should be available in most Ntuc or even cold storage. Merry Christmas!

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