Jan 6, 2010

Ah Pang Kitchen

Dec 2009

On 2 occasion I had my work lunch at this small eatery shop along Bedok Reservoir Rd - Ah Pang Kitchen. The food was unexpectedly nice and would love to come back for their Zi Char someday. (Photos by iPhone)

San Lau Hor Fun - S$3.70

The hor fun texture was very good, not too thick and yet chewy with good wok hei. The sauce though look very light but was tasty and it came with a very generous serving of beansprouts and sliced fish. Cheap and good!

Teochew Porridge

3 veg & 1 fish with a porridge for S$4.50. Very economical eat and all the dishes were quite nice. They served economical rice and zi char too. The shop is usually packed during lunch hour as many like their economical rice.

Ah Pang Kitchen
Blk 740 Bedok Reservoir Road
Singapore 470740
Tel: 97452085


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