Jan 5, 2010

Meals whipped up by me in Dec 09

Some of my Dec 09 weekend cooking...

Mee Goreng

Simply stir fry the noodles with garlics, lots of shredded cabbage and Tulip Luncheon Ham, seasoned with Sin Sin Extra Hot Chilli Sauce and soya sauce. Garnish with omelette & chillies.

Kimchi Udon Hotpot

Kimchi soup, appetizing and flavorful complimented the Japanese Udon so well.
Turkey & Mushroom Pasta

Some balance roast turkey meat went into this simple pasta w/mushroom & peppers.

Turkey & Apple Salad

And some gone to the salad.


Our New Year Eve dinner. Had this at Gaia Restaurant and fell in love with it. Google around for recipe and came up with this.

A comfort food that went so well with rice. Yum Yum. Check out the recipe here.


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