Jan 27, 2010

Sugi Cookies

19th Jan 2010

Another simple and easy to do recipe from Audrey Tan's workshop that I tried out on a weekday night after work at 9pm! And, I also tried out a cookie recipe from Chef Keiko's cookbook which I will share in my next post. Sometimes, I'm amazed by my energy level too... lol! Baking to me is to release stress and I think that day I was rather stressed. Anyway, I still have not come out with my CNY cookies to bake list yet. Still planning...

A crunchy and light sugi cookies using butter instead of ghee. I added some almond nibs and it gave the cookies a nice nutty fragrant.


Yukari Komuro said...

Love your blog!! THis recipe looks so yummy! I am one of your followers now! Come visit me! :)

wensdelight said...

thanks for adding me!

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