Jan 16, 2010

Sun with Moon at The Central

10th Jan 2010

With family, a treat given by my cousin for getting her bonus. A tradition in our family to give a treat during this time of the year where the working ones do get their annual bonus. Probably next week will be my younger brother and the following week will be my turn though I still haven't gotten mine but hopefully I will get a satisfactory one. Dreaming again...lol!

Since it's her treat, the venue was decided by her. Sun with Moon Japanese Dining & Cafe offers traditional Japanese cuisine where great effort has been made in modernising it. She love the charming al fresco casual dining concept. It's a plus factor that it face the riverside and just opposite Clarke Quay which further enhances the ambiance. Thank God, the weather was pretty cooling that evening but if for me, I will definitely opt for indoor instead where the ambiance is pretty cozy too.

The menu is not as extensive as compared to some other Japanese restaurants in Singapore but the dessert and set meals section offer pretty good appealing varieties. What impress me is the appetiser where some of them are quite unique. They emphasize pretty much on presentation and some of the items are quite fusion especially the appetiser. As for their service, we have no complaint as it was prompt and attentive. This is also one of the restaurant that I would like to try in my "What's next..." list. Wow! Within a day I had fulfilled 2 of them. Lucky me!

We had some sashimi and appetiser to share and each ordered our own set meal. We are quite a big group (total 8), some of the items I didn't manage to snap any photos and even I did, the photos also didn't turn out well as I'm trying to use my uncle's DSLR, still not very familiar how to use it and some of photos came out blurry. So these are some of the acceptable ones. Be prepared, this is a rather long post...

Assorted Sashimi

Quality above average and very fresh.

Foie Gras Lettuce

2 slices per portion served on crispy toast and butter head lettuce. Wow, the foie gras was glazed with a nice sauce that was really yummy, it was nicely seared and no gamy smell. Worth trying.


I forgot what was the name given to it. Anyway, it came with 5 items that include the Edamame, Tori no karaage, Breaded Crab balls, Mixed nuts and Salmon sashimi roll w/roe. Nothing special but we were delighted by the presentation.

Madai To Gobo

My family all time favourite - Fish head. Steamed sea bream fish head with burdock root. Very nice but portion was small.

Ebi Maki

Pork Cutlets Hotpot

The host's choice and she commented though simple but tasted real good.

Gindara Teriyaki & Sashimi Salad

Grilled cod with teriyaki sauce and assorted diced sashimi salad. My Aunt P's choice and she had no complaint so I assumed it was pretty decent.

Sashimi Moriawase & Unagi Kodon

This was mine and also my bro GF's YW choice. Assorted sashimi & mini grilled eel rice bowl. Sashimi was fresh. Quality of the eel was good and nicely grilled but the rice texture was a bit hard for my liking.

Wagyu Karubi Don & Dobin Mushi

Grilled sliced Australian Wagyu Kalbi Beef rice bowl & Japanese tea pot soup. RS (cousin's BF) had this and he commented that it was liked Japanese version of Bibimbap. The beef was good but the rice was bland.

Sushi Mori & Tempura

Assorted Sushi & Mixed Tempura was my Uncle's choice. Everything was as expected so no surprise but the tempura was really good.

Collagen Hot Pot

I chose this for my aunt who's not interested in most Japanese dishes so this is the only one that I think is acceptable to her. One of the signature dish that is unique as a collagen ball is added into the soup. The ball melted away easily once contacted with the warm soup. This was like a Japanese version of BKT but not peppery at all with lots of vegetables added.

D had the most expensive set (S$38.80++) - Wagyu sirloin steak & green salad which I didn't take any photo of it because his was the last to serve and I'm too busy eating my dinner.


Matcha Parfait, Bon Bon Chocolate cake and Tofu cheesecake - All their signature dessert. The green tea parfait was delightfully nice and we liked the chewy mochi, quite addictive. The best was the tofu cheesecake that served in a cage. It was a very nice and light cheesecake with crunchy biscuit base. However I think it's time for them to change their serving plates. Look at the plate, the color was coming off and it's shouldn't be used anymore. The chocolate cake I didn't try.

Overall the food was decent, ambiance was good and we enjoyed the dinner very much. I think the dinner cost her quite a bomb and total bill came up to almost S$400 but with DBS card promotion, 10% discount was given. Thank you my dear cousin, Freda!

Sun with Moon Japanese Dining & Cafe
The Central @ Clarke Quay
6 Eu Tong Sen Street
Tel: 6534 7784

Opening hours
Mon–Wed: Noon – 10.30pm
Thu–Sat: Noon – Midnight
Sun: Noon – 10.30pm


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