Feb 18, 2010

1st 3 days of CNY 2010

Year of Tiger - 2010
Chinese New Year - 1st 3 days of CNY were busying with cooking, visiting, feasting & playing MJ!

Pussy Willow - A traditional CNY decoration that we will always put up, nicely decorated by Aunt.


First day of CNY, we will prepare a simple lunch for our relatives who visited us. With Aunt around, I'm more relax as she will prepare most of the food and I only need to whip up my signature dish - Prawn Fritters.

Fried Beehoon

Smoked Duck Salad & Prawn Fritters

CP Chicken & Sotong Balls

初二 (15/2/2010)
2nd day of CNY - visited my uncle and helped him to prepare some food as he was having a party in the evening.

Prawn & Peach Salad served with homemade 1000 island sauce & Rebena Jelly

初三 (16/2/2010)

3rd day of CNY - visited H's and a special request from her mum to make some Korean Rice Rolls for them. They love it very much and since I've not been making any lately so I made a big box for them.

Starting work on the 6th day of CNY so still have 2 more days to enjoy and rest...


KennyT said...

Can I visit you during CNY next year? Haha I can see lots of good food u had!!! :)

Wen said...

Hi Kenny,

Happy Tiger Year & Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Haha you are most welcome!

Anonymous said...

You are v hardworking. Happy New Year. Edith

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