Feb 17, 2010

Reunion Dinner 2010

We used to dine out for reunion dinner but since last year we started to have it at home and we actually enjoyed the food more than at the restaurant. So this year we did the same. We had a sumptous steamboat dinner. Steamboat is the easiest meal to prepare and the only hassle is the marketing and cutting. This year looked like I prepared too much food for a family of 10 and we only managed to finish half of it. However, I'm relieved that the leftover was not wasted as we managed to finish it in the next few days.


We started off with Lo Hei (捞起) to bring good luck for the new year.

Sotong balls, Seafood rolls, Wu Xiang (from Chua Seng Huat) & Top shell.
Teochew Braised Duck

Braised duck from Chua Seng Huat, have not chopped a whole duck for a long time... haha still manage to chop it up nicely.

Aunt's Sharkfin

Homemade Sharkfin by Aunt. One of my aunt signature dish.

3-tier Steamboat Platters

My innovative 3-tier serving plate from Ikea. Everyone commented that it was a good idea. Save space and presentable. There's squid, pork intestine, lobster balls, meat balls, mushroom balls, liver, kidney, chicken meat, mini sausage, pigeon egg, fish dumplings, fish tofu...

Superior stock prepared by Aunt, added fish maw, fish balls, sea cucumber, raddish & corn. Assorted mushrooms & vegetables.

Assorted Seafood - Sotong, giant prawns & fish

Shabu shabu pork, Abalone, CP dumplings, Wagyu beef, vermicelli.
Refreshing Dessert

Rebena Konnyaku Jelly w/Longan & Aunt Peggy's Snow Jelly Dessert
(Some of the photos taken by my counsin using her DSLR & some of it by my Canon SX200 DG)


Anonymous said...


Look delicious.

You mean you tapao from Chua Seng Huat ?
Need to preorder ?
How much is the duck ?

I like the plate for the prawns, where did you get it ?

I'm hosting one this weekend, so you gave me lots of ideas.. thanks !


Anonymous said...


Sorry I more question. Where did you buy the Wagyu beef ?

Thanks so much.

AhTee said...

Wow! What a nice reunion meal! All Looked delicious!!

Wen said...

Hi Ling,

Happy New Year!

Yes I preordered the duck and collect it the day before as they were closed on the eve. I paid S$28.00 for one whole duck.

The plate I got it from Parkway Parade. Redeem with shopping recipes so I only paid S$2.00 for it.

As fot the wagyu beef is from Novena Sq 2 - Mmmm shop.

Wen said...

Hi AhTee,

Happy New Year! And, thanks for visiting my blog.

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