Mar 6, 2010

Super Lucky Restaurant

11th Feb 2010

Super Lucky Restaurant - is actually a revisit too as previously I posted the eatery name as Ah Pang's Kitchen. With family in that area doing groceries shopping for CNY so just simply settled our dinner there. This is also another value for money zi char that my family and I agreed we can frequent often. As the prices are really very reasonable, prices starting from S$5 to $18.

Claypot Fishhead & Bittergoud in Black Bean Sauce

This was very nicely done. The sauce was so rich and flavourful. The fish was fresh and well seasoned that complimented the tender bittergoud so well.

Pork Ribs (Pai Gu Wang)

Also very yummy. The sweet and sour sauce was very appetising, not overly sweet and the pork was tender with good bite.

As the vegetable serving portions were rather small so we had 3 vegetables dishes. All were quite nice too.

Stewed Mushroom & Sea Cucumber w/Spinach

Mixed Vegetables

Spinach w/3 Eggs in Stock

Super Lucky Restaurant
Blk 740 Bedok Reservoir Road
Singapore 470740
Tel: 97452085


Harris said...

i like your blog wen! good balance of high, medium and low-priced places, one of the things i dont see that often in the scene these days. keep it up! so many good eats i see!

Wen said...

Thanks Harris for your encouragement and compliment. I dine out with my family every Sunday so my blog tends to have more "zi Char" post.

Harris said...

Yeah me loves zhi char posts actually, though trying hard to find time to go eat those (usually need bigger group).

Nakhon thai looks interesting too! :D

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