Apr 4, 2010

Aunt's Cooking - Mar/Apr 2010 #Week 5/1

Monday - 29 Mar 2010
Stir fry leek with prawn & shitake mushroom
Steamed minced pork with salted fish

Tuesday - 30 Mar 2010
Stir fry broccoli with cauliflower
Mak Nonya Chicken Rendang

Wednesday - 31 Mar 2010
Stir fry pickled mustard with shredded pork
Cai Poh Omelette
Steamed Mullet

Thursday - 1 Apr 2010
Stir fry cai xin
Squid with onion and chillies


Bern said...

Your aunt looks like an amazing cook!

Wen said...

Hi Bern, thanks for dropping by. Indeed she is so we are very blessed to have her around.

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