Apr 23, 2010

Yet Con Hainanese Chicken Rice

6th April 2010

Highly recommended by my brother so we went to try it out on a weekday dinner. No regret as we enjoyed the food tremendously. Yet Con has been around since 1940 (as stated on the menu cover), almost 70 years of history even older than Singapore. The air conditioned restaurant looks really very old and original. The boss and helpers are mostly elderly Hainanese. Service is competent and the wait for the food is quite short too. The restaurant starts to fill up after 6.30pm so better to go around 6pm to avoid the dinner crowd.

This authentic and historical restaurant serve traditional Hainanese chicken rice, stir fry dishes and steamboat. Very homestyle which remind me of Hainanese granny's food. We ordered half a chicken to share and some side dishes. Total bill for 4 was about S$60.00. Quite reasonable for the quality food and will love to return to try their steamboat which seem to be quite a hit too.

Hainanese Chicken

Very traditional not the usual smooth and succulent chicken with sauce. That's how my MIL (also Hainanese) cook it too. I like the original taste of the chicken but the meat was not very tender.

Roast Pork

Very fatty and not very well seasoned, the flavour came from the dark sauce only but love the crispy skin.

Stir Fry Seafood & Pork with Fish Maw

My favourite dish that evening. This is a must try! A very comforting stir fry dish with my all time fav fish maw, pork, squid, prawn and Chinese cabbage in a rich and flavourful sauce.

Fish Fillet with Sauce

This is another very homestyle dish. The fish was cooked in dark sauce, probably oyster sauce too, chilli, spring onion and ginger. The sauce just make you ask for more rice.

Stir Fry Baby Kailan

A simple stir fry vegetable dish with nice wok hei.

Chicken Rice & Soup

The rice was very fragrant and the texture was good. You will be surprised the complimentary soup was very tasty too. As for the chilli was too watery for our liking.

Yet Con Restaurant
25 Purvis Street
Singapore 188602
Tel: 6337 6819
Opening hour: 11am to 9.30pm


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