Jun 19, 2010

Aunt's Cooking - Jun 2010 (1st - 15th)

Aunt's weekday cooking was back to normal again in June since she don't have to visit Aunt Peggy as she was finally discharged from TTS. We really enjoyed her cooking very much, simple and healthy as she always try to use the least oil but still manage to make the dishes so flavourful. And, always nicely garnished to serve. Thank you Aunt, you are so wonderful!

Tue - 1st Jun 2010
Steam Golden Pomfret (Teochew Style)
Stir Fry Hairygourd with Shredded Fish Maw

Thu - 3rd Jun 2010
Claypot Fishhead

Fri - 4th Jun 2010
Braised Pork & Eggs with Soya Sauce
Chinese Spinach with Shitake Mushroom

Mon - 7th Jun 2010
Steam Jacket Fish w/Stir Fried Preserved Veg (Meicai)
You Mai with Canned Pork Chop

Fri - 11th Jun 2010
Fried Namyu(Red fermented beancurd) Mid Wing
Stir Fry Caixin with Chinese Cabbage

Mon - 14th Jun 2010
Steamed Mullet Fish
Stir Fry Broccoli with Capsicum

Tue - 15th Jun 2010
Steam Grouper Fish with Sambal
Stir Fry Spinach with Fuyu Sauce


Rice Palette said...

Wow all of these look delicious!! Are there recipes for any of these dishes? I'd love to print some of them out ;)

Wen said...

Hi Rice Palette,

Thanks for dropping by and your interest in my Aunt's cooking. you may find some of her recipes here:

Happing cooking!

Rice Palette said...

Ah great! Thanks for the link!

Charlie said...

It never fails to arouse envy in me whenever I saw those mouth drooling dishes your aunt whipped up! I wish I could join you in the meals! =)))

Wen said...

Hi Charlie,

Thanks for dropping by. My aunt will be very please to read all these comments on her cooking.

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