Aug 29, 2010

Beater Blade

Always wanted to buy a beater blade for my Kenwood Chef mixer as I been hearing lots of good things about it. Especially useful for making butter cake and cheese cake where we usually need to stop the mixer and use a spatular to scrape down the mixture. With beater blade, it scrapes the bowl while mixing. Thanks to Elyn from Shop 'n' Bake for getting the right model of beater blade for my mixer. I got it months ago but only try using it recently. Glad that it works perfectly.

Tried out the beater blade while making a marble cake.

With balance 2 egg yolks from the Banana Chiffon cake, I finished it up on this marble cake recipe which required additional 2 egg yolks.
One of my favourite marble cake recipe shared with me by AK.


DG said...

You've got a pretty marble effect on your marble cake. It looks tasty and yummy too.

Wen said...

Hi DG,

Thanks for stopping by. I will be trying out your mini marble donut cake recipe soon.

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