Aug 20, 2010

Fish Mart Sakuraya

Visited Fish Mart Sakuraya twice in July to satisfy my extreme craving for sushi & sashimi. Fish Mart Sakuraya located in the basement of Parkway Parade and is one of my favourite place to buy takeaway sushi as the quality is really fresh and more affordable compare to Japanese restaurant.

Takeaway on 9 Jul 2010
Kaisen Salmon Maki, Chutoro & Mekajiki Nigiri Sushi - S$19.00

Dine in on 17 Jul 2010
Sashimi - Mekajiki (S$8.60) & Salmon Belly (S$10.00)

Kaisen Gunkan - S$5.35

Unagi Temaki - S$3.75


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