Aug 26, 2010

Happy Birthday to Uncle & Freda!

31 Jul 2010

A mini party at Uncle's place to celebrate his and my cousin birthday together. Freda's on 21st so was a belated celebration for her and 31st was the actual day for Uncle. As Aunt Peggy was sicked for months (Thank God she is recovering gradually) so it's inconvenience for us to dine out thus we decided to have a family gathering at their place instead. Some from takeaways, some from deliveries and homecooking, we easily whipped up a mini feast which made up of all my Uncle & cousin's favourite food.

Salmon Platter & Assorted Unagi Sushi
@ Sakae Delivery

Yakitori @ Tori-Q

Black Pepper Crab
@ Muay Lee

Chilli Crab
@ Muay Lee

French Loaf
@ Breadtalk

Mixed Vegetables
@ Muay Lee

Aunt's Fried Bee Hoon

Berries Overload Ice Cream Cake@ Swensen's

Durian (Mountain Cat King)
@ Fruits Top 1

Happy Birthday to Uncle & Freda! Hope both of you enjoy the party...


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