Aug 10, 2010

My Grocery Cart - Jun to Jul 2010

Adding a new catergory that features some of the new products or rather stuff I never tried before and also some of my all times favourites that I added into my grocery cart during my weekly grocery shopping at the supermarket. Mostly are biscuits, tibits, snack, instant & frozen products. See what I had tried in the month of Jun to Jul 10...

I love homemade lasagne and used to make it quite often. Usually I used the instant lasagne sheet from San Remo but this round I tried another brand. Barilla lasagne sheet was thinner than San Remo's so cooking time is shorter. It contains egg and I think it tasted nicer too. Weeks ago I made a batch of lasagne, prebake into per serving portion and freeze it. Heat it up whenever I want a quick meal. Yes homemade ones always taste better.

Recipe adapted from San Remo - Simple Meat Lasagne

Kraft Cheezels Biskitz

A new product from Kraft and it was launched in our local supermarkets in Jun 2010. The packaging attracted me to grab one into my cart. I tried the sour cream & cheese flavour. The sour cream & cheese flavour was too mild flavour and the biscuit was a bit dry for my liking. but I do like it in bitesize and it was baked instead of fried. Available in other flavours too.

Dr. Oetker Ristorante Pizza Spinaci

Italy's top selling frozen thin crust pizza from Dr. Oetker. Always see them in the frozen section and wondering is it good? Decided to give it a try. I tried the pizza spinaci which I don't really like. It's tasted a bit weird... Though looked very cheesy but the cheese flavour was rather mild tasting and the spinach was quite salty. I think I will prefer other varieties instead.

Kellogg's Special K Bar

Been working rather late recently so thought of buying some healthy snack to standby in office. These chewy cereal bar with strawberry bit is only 90 cal per bar and is quite a delight. Sometimes I had it as breakfast. Though is low in calories but still find it quite sweet.

Pacific West Cod Fingers

Pacific West range of frozen seafood products are mostly quite nice. The cod fish fingers are very fresh tasting and the flesh is very firm. In my opinion it's quality is better than the Birdeye's codfish finger. That day I saw it on promotion so grab 2boxes home. If you like cod fingers this is really good.

CP Half-Cut Middle Wing

I'm an all times CP die hard! Anything new from CP I will love to try. These spicy mid wings are yummy. Just need to pop into oven to bake it and within 10 mins, it's all ready to eat. Great snacks for party. If I'm not wrong, KFC also has this in their menu. Taste almost similar.

Kjeldsens Butter Cookies

One of my all times favourite Danish butter cookies since young and been around since 1933. My aunt likes it too so once awhile I will stock up a tin at home for her.

Ben & Jerry's Triple the Riple
My little sweet indulgence... These small tubs of Ben & Jerry come in handy whenever I'm craving for ice cream. Usually I can't finish a big tub as my family don't fancy ice cream so these packing of 3 mini tubs in a box is really very convenient for me.


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