Sep 1, 2010

Zingy Orange Chiffon Cake

18 Aug 2010

My first attempt on this recipe was one year ago which was an unsuccessful one. I always wanted to try baking it again. Finally do so one year later and glad that it turn out pretty fine. I been baking quite a few chiffon cakes recently, will be updating it soon.

This recipe was adapted from Christopher Tan - Chiffon Cake 101 workshop

Zingy Orange Chiffon Cake

Mandarin Orange and Orange zest were added to give a very zingy fragrant. Texture was very soft and spongy.

Sorry it's a workshop recipe from Shermay's so I can't share the recipe.


DG said...

Your chiffon looks perfect! Soft-spongy & delicious.

Wen said...

Hi DG,

Thanks for your compliment. I'm lucky to get it right.

Jeanne said...

It looks so light and fluffy! Excellent job!

Wen said...

Hi Jeanne,

Thanks for your compliment.

AK said...

You finally got it right. Look very soft leh.... When are you going to try the Chocolate version ?

Wen said...

Hi AK, ya finally! The choc one I did it too in Sep 10. I think you miss out my posting.

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