Oct 25, 2010

Bangkok Jam

19th Sep 2010

Just days before I went for my Phuket trip, I had Thai food with my family at Bangkok Jam. A modern bistro-styled Thai restaurant in Great World City that serve comtemporary Thai cuisine. Food is not very auhentic but decently nice. Overall dining experience was a very pleasant one as the restaurant is cosy and service very good too. Except that they can't cater for too big a group as the table settings are mostly quite small.

Peek gai tod nam pla - S$7.50++
(Fried Chicken Wing with Fish Sauce Marinade)

That's how the Thai fried their chicken. Crispy and well seasoned, so addictive!

Yum sum o - S$8.50++
(Pomelo Salad with Shrimp)

We didn't like this. A bit bland and can't really figure out what's the taste should be liked.

Goong pun tak rai - S$8.90++
(Lemongrass Prawn Cakes)

This was quite nice though it's not the bouncy type.

Pla kha pong tod - S$14.90++
(Deep Fried Seabass with Mango Salad)

We were misleaded by the dish description. Thought it's a whole fish but came as fish fillet deep fried in thick batter. A bit oily though the mango salad was rather appetizing.

Por tek talay - S$7.00++
(Seafood in Clear Tom Yum)

Not the spicy type but was very light and flavourful. Quite nice but my aunt prefer a more pungent and zesty tom yum soup.

Phad kana moo - S$9.50++
(Kailan with Roast Pork)

With all the deep fried dishes, this was really good to balance up our meal.

Khao phad nam liab - S$9.00++
(Thai Olive Fried Rice)

This was nicely done with good wok hei and I liked the bits of salted fish & minced pork in it.

Tap tim krob - S$6.00++
(Red Ruby with Coconut Ice Cream)

The ruby was quite disppointing, very starchy instead of chewy and can't really taste the crunchy chestnut. But the coconut ice cream was quite a delight.

Mun chuem - S$6.00++
(Caramelised Tapioca topped with Coconut Milk)

I don't fancy all types of root vegetables like yam, potato and tapioca but my family all commented this was quite nice and good that it was not overly sweet.

Nice and Creative Coasters

There are a few different design coasters all over and I find it nice and creative.

Bangkok Jam
Great World City
1 Kim Seng Promenade #02-26
Singapore 237994
Tel: 6732 4523
Opening hours:
Weekdays: Lunch 11.30pm - 3pm, Dinner 6pm - 10pm
Weekends: 11.30pm - 10pm


Passionate About Baking said...

Hi Wen,
For a moment, I thought you went to Bangkok and there was a jam! Shows how ignorant I am! Heehee... I like thai food. The lemongrass prawns looks so good! The tapioca coconut looks good too. No mango on coconut glutinous rice? :p That will be favourite too!

Wen said...

Hi Jane,

hehe... I really went to Bangkok but was to Phuket which I will be updating in my next post. Yes they have mango sticky rice too but just that we were too full to order that.

I love Thai food very much too and one of my favourite place for cheap and good authentic Thai food is from Nakhon Kitchen in Hougang.

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