Nov 1, 2010

Phuket Day 3 (I) - Half Day Khai Island Tour

24th Oct 2010

Day 3 itinerary was a more relaxing one. We only had a half day Island tour in the afternoon so that allowed us to wake up later. We woke up at around 9 plus and went back to Sabai Sabai Restaurant for breakfast. Our hotel package didn't come with breakfast and it was quite pricey to eat at the resort cafe. Their daily buffet breakfast cost about THB600 (SGD26) per pax. We didn't think is worth to spend so much on breakfast as we can easily get a good American breakfast at those little cafes around the resort at around THB120 (SGD5.20).

American Breakfast at Sabai Sabai Restaurant

The standard American breakfast set came with orange juice, coffee/tea, 2 slices of toast, 2 Eggs (sunny side up/scrambled/boiled) & Sauasges/Bacon.

It was still early after breakfast so we roamed around the surrounding of Patong beach till time up to go for our half day Khai Islands hopping tour.

Half Day Khai 3 Islands Tour - THB800 (SGD35)
(Khai Nai / Khai Nui / Khai NoK)

Tour Agent: Phuket New Generation Travel - Tel: 076 232424

Hotel pick up at 12.30noon to the pier (Asia Marina) to board the speed boat. The tour includes a English speaking tour guide. The tour guide was giving us a briefing on the itinerary for the day.

Khai Nai Island

It's only took 15-20mins speed boat ride to hop onto this first island that we were visiting. Arrive at Khai Nai, we were given an hour to relax on the beach. By the way all those beach chairs are not free to sit, you have to pay at least THB150-200 per seat.

We can snorkel and swim near the shore area where the water is crystal clear and lots of tropical fishes. You can have free fish spa, just get ready some bread to feed them.

Sea Snorkelling near Khai Nui Island

Left Khai Nai Island to Khai Nui Island for snorkelling. We didn't go to the beach as it was not accessible for this season so the speed boat just stopped nearby for us to snorkel.

Some of the underwater corals, sea urchins and tropical fishes pictures taken by my friend with her waterproof DG. The white corals are really beautiful as for the fishes are almost the same in most of the islands, didn't see many varieties.

Khai Nok Island

Our last destination was Khai Nok Island, also known as Egg Island as the top view looks like an egg yolk. Light refreshments included drinks, sandwiches and tropical fruits were served which was included in the package.

Another hour of free and easy time for us to explore the island. We can swim and snorkel too but we chose to just relax on the beach and took lots of funny photos with funny! Of course can't be posted if not my friends will come after me...haha! The beach has many beautiful and colourful beach chairs and umbrellas, making it a nice sight for photo taking.

Time to leave and go back to the pier to be transferred back to our hotel. That's the end of our half day Khai Islands tour. We enjoyed it very much!

La Korn (Goodbye!) Khai Island!
Thank you for all the lovely memories you have given us!


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