Nov 2, 2010

Phuket Day 3 (III) - Patong Otop Shopping Paradise / Street Foods

24th Sep 2010

The night was still young after dinner so we just roamed around the surrounding! Our hotel is located in the middle of Patong beach that's why is so strategic and convenient. We had already explored the right corner of the street so tonight we went to the left side. As we were causally strolling down the street, we saw Hard Rock Cafe and a night marketplace - Patong Otop Shopping Paradise.

Hard Rock Cafe
Patong Otop Shopping Paradise
Opening hour 10:00am-02:00am

Hard Rock Cafe is located opposite Patong Otop Shopping Paradise. In this shopping paradise, there are rows of shops selling clothing, accessories & foot wears. Most of the items are priced higher so that they have allowance for you to bargain. Sometimes you can get as much as 30% to 40% discount. There are quite a number of open air pubs in the center too which only starts operating in the night.

Street food in Phuket

Street foods are commonly found on the street of Patong too. We tried some of them and this fried chicken stall is really yummy. Well seasoned, the skin was so crispy and the meat maintain it's juiciness.

Most commonly found and popular stalls on Patong go to the pancake stall. You can see them everywhere and very popular among the tourist especially the Caucasians.

On our way back to our hotel for foot massage, we tried one of the pancake stall that looked really appealing than the rest.

Nutella & Banana Pancake - THB50 (SGD2.20)

It's more of a crepe to me than pancake, it was a layer of very thin batter pan fried till crisp and filled with nutella and sliced banana. Nothing can go wrong with this combination right? It's really yummy! A must try!

Stay tune for my Phuket Day 4 updates coming up soon...


DG said...

Wouw! You must buy a lots of thing from the shopping paradise. Look at the pink shop, there must be a lot of cheap & cute stuffs. Btw, how come so quiet, not many customers around.
I like street foods, do you ever wonder why most street foods taste so good? :)

Shirley @ Kokken69 said...

The last time I went to Phuket was for a golf holiday. I have to say Phuket is not my favourite destination in Thailand - too crowded. However, any holiday break is good :) Enjoy!

Wen said...

Hi DG,

I love street food too but in Bangkok will only try selectively. I went on an off peak season so was not crowded at all everywhere in Phuket. Probably also due to the recent political riots broke out in Bangkok so has detered many from visiting.

Wen said...

Hi Shirley,

It was off peak season when I was there in Sept. Haha... you are right! Any holiday break is good and I always try to have the fullest fun!

Chunky Cooky said...

Hi Wen,

Phuket is a great place ! Been there couple of months back also and yes, tried the fried chicken and pancake as well. Their pancake favours are amazing ! One whole long list of it and the amazing thing is they can keep so many different ingredients and fruits in one small cart !

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