Jan 13, 2011

BK Steakhouse Burger @ Burger King

20th Dec 2010

Have a taste of Angus beef for just less than $8.00! Why not! Yes this Angus beef buger was one of Burger King newly launched burger for a limited period only. Love the crispy onion in the burger which give the burger a nice bite. The beef was tender and juicy. For just S$5.95 for the burger itself, I really have not much to complain.

BK Steakhouse Burger Set - S$7.95

Created by Photoshake

I'm glad I've tried it during the available period and it had just ended yesterday on 12/1/11.


Stephanie Teo said...

My boyfriend adores this burger from BK as well! Can't wait for it to be back!

Wen said...

Hi Stephanie, thanks for dropping by! Me too wishing for it to be back...

Passionate About Baking said...

Aiyo! Was still thinking of trying it. Looks really nice. No chance already. :(

Wen said...

Hi Jane, I believe they will launch it again.

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