Jan 24, 2011

Simple homecooking on New Year Day

I was so busy the last few days that really can't find time to update my blog daily. Attended company D&D, groomed 7 dogs and baked 2 batches of CNY cookies over the weekend. Totally drained out and still have so many things on hand to complete...? Anyway let me continue to update my backlogs...

1st Jan 2011

After all the feasting during the season, I decided to stay home for some simple homecooked meals instead on the 1st day of the Year 2011. I cooked lunch and dinner which was quite unusual with my aunt around as cooking is mostly done by her. I wanted to give her a break. So nice of me right...lol! Anyway when I cooked usually are simple fares that required less than an hour to churn up a meal.

For lunch, we had CP Charcoal Grilled Chicken Rice. I got this idea from Cuisine Paradise but cooked it liked a claypot rice using rice cooker method. This was so simple and yet so delicious!

CP Charcoal Grilled Chicken Rice

Ingredients: (Serve 4-5)
1 pack (350g) of CP Charcoal grilled chicken
3 cups Uncooked Rice
560ml Chicken stock (same amount of water for cooking rice)
1 no Chinese sausage (sliced)
2 stalks Spring onions (cut lengthwise)
1 tbsp Fried chopped salted fish

Sauce for mixing the rice before serving:
2 tbsp premium dark sauce
1/2 tbsp light sauce
1/2 tsp sugar
60 ml stock
cornflour for thickening
*Mix all the above and heat through.

Fried shallot oil

Method:1. Wash rice and add in the chicken stock to cook in a rice cooker.
2. 5 mins before the rice going to cook, place the CP charcoal grilled chicken and chinese sausage on top of the rice. Covered and cooked till the rice is cooked.
3. Add in the spring onions and fried salted fish. Keep warm for 1-2 mins and is done.
4. Serve the rice with fried shallot oil and black sauce.

Complimented the rice with a simple soup - Tomato and lettuce egg soup

For dinner, we had porridge with some side dishes. Canned pork ribs with green vegetables, Chai poh omelette, Fried minced luncheon meat and Deep fried silver fish.

Aunt liked the way I cooked the luncheon meat. Compliment from her was quite rare though as her palate is rather particular. I chopped the luncheon meat to small little cubes and stir fried it with lots of chopped shallots and fresh red chilli till crisp. This is especially good with porridge.


NEL, the batter baker said...

Very nice, Wen.
CP has pretty good stuff :) I love their Tonkatsu! I always stock up when they are on offer :)

Bakericious said...

i like this dish, looks delicious.

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