Jan 7, 2011

Xiu Ji Ikan Bilis Yong Tau Fu

There is another stall worth trying and not to be missed if you are at Chinatown Complex Food Centre. We took awhile to locate this Yong Tau Fu stall as it's at a corner. Usually you will see a long queue but don't have to worry as it cleared off pretty fast. They occupied 2 stalls, one for serving and the other one for preparation. All the YTF are handmade and steamed tray by tray using bamboo basket tray. Very simple and yet delicious! Definitely a healthy choice for hawker food.

A very different kind of Yong Tau Fu. They don't serve it with sweet sauce and sambal chilli but serve kind of chicken rice style chilli sauce. We don't get to choose the items, it's all fixed. A standard $3 bowl comes with noodles and 7 pieces of Yong Tau Fu with a mixture of beancurd skin & Tofu with fish paste, fishballs and Tau Pok. Fishcakes seem to be very popular too but it was sold out that day so I didn't get to try it.

I enjoyed all the items and the soup very much. Very light to the palate yet flavourful without much MSG.

There are few types of noodles to choose from, kway tiao, mi tai bak, yellow noodles and bee hoon. Served with onion oil and fried ikan bilis. I liked ikan bilis very much so add $0.50 for extra topping. Too bad that the ikan bilis are not very crispy.

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Xiu Ji Ikan Bilis Yong Tau Fu
Blk 335 Smith Street
#02-87/88 Chinatown Complex Food Centre
Opening Hours: Daily 5.45am – 3pm


busygran said...

I've eaten at this stall some years back. My hub took me there. Usually there's a long queue. Not bad, I like the ikan bilis!

Wen said...

Years ago? I only knew their existence recently...hehe! I enjoyed it too!

Anonymous said...

I just chanced on this stall when looking for the famous ah balling stall. Unfortunately the stall is located near the toilets exit. A bit put off, hee!


Wen said...

Hi Sabbymum, thanks for dropping by. Hehe... I didn't even notice it's near the toilet, just knew it's at a corner...lol!

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