Feb 25, 2011

Crystal Jade Korean BBQ Buffet

15 Feb 2011

A CNY dinner gathering with ex and current colleagues at Nex. After reading review at Soshiok.com, we decided to try Crystal Jade Korean BBQ buffet. The concept is rather similar to Seoul Garden serving BBQ cum hotpot buffet that include cooked dishes, snacks, desserts, ice-cream and drinks. Not the real authentic kind of Korean BBQ, rather localised version of Korean BBQ. Prices are attractive and affordable but the buffet quality was not satisfying and rather disappointing though it's look like a good spread.

The restaurant has 2 sections, one is the usual Crystal Jade restaurant and the other caters for the buffet. The buffet section does not cater to big group dining as the biggest table only meant for 4 - 5 persons so if you are going in group then you have to sit in separate table. Overall we enjoyed ourselves though not on the food but on the company...lol!

Korean BBQ Buffet
Mon to Fri:

Adult S$19.90++/S$23.90++
Child S$10.90++/S$12.90++

Sat to Sun/PH Eve & PH:
Adult S$23.90++/S$26.90++
Child S$12.90++/S$13.90++

The cooked dishes can do without as most of the items are not appealing and they don't seem to top up fresh cooked food. The hotpot and BBQ items are not too bad but not impressive too. There are 2 types of soup to choose - pork ribs and kimchi soup. The pork ribs soup is nicer as the kimchi soup tasted liked sichuan veg soup instead.

The buffet spread

Some of the raw items we tried, the prawns look pathetic though... all the meat, fish and squid are quite fresh. We ate lots of mid wings and instant noodles, that the nicest among the rest...!

The cooked stuff as I mentioned earlier, can do without but we still attempt to try some since it's a buffet! However we did enjoy the char siew pau...lol!

We didn't try the dessert except for the ice cream. I definitely don't see myself going back again as there are better BBQ hotpot buffets elsewhere.

Crystal Jade Korean BBQ
Nex #01-01/02
23 Serangoon Central
Sinagpore 556083
Tel: 6634 4920
Operating hours
Mon – Fri: 11am – 3pm, 5.30pm – 11pm
Sat–Sun: 11am – 11pm

*** I forgot to bring my camera that day so all pictures were taken with my colleague's Canon digital cam.


YummyBuddies said...

Hi wen,

Looks like you didnt enjoy the food there, but how was the marinated chicken taste? Was it similar to seoul garden kind ?

Wen said...

Hi Yummybuddies,

thanks for stopping by:):) the marinated meat are almost similar to seoul garden.

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