Feb 6, 2011

Fortune Pizza @ Pizza Hut

31st Jan 2011

A pizza delivery treat from one of my colleague on the last day of work before CNY.

Fortune Pizza Party Meal - S$27.30+

Party meal include a fortune pizza and a regular family favourite pan pizza. The Fortune Pizza comes with double stuff crust with 3 types of cheese. Topped with diced BBQ chicken (Bak Kua), pineapples and sliced mushrooms on a cool lime mayonnaise base sauce and sprinkled with roasted sesame seeds and crispy golden crackers.

If you like Bak kua with mayonaisse on bun, you will like this flavour. Some of us find it too cheesy and I find it a bit too sweet tasting.

Add on:

Curry Chicken Regular Pan Pizza / Curry Zazzle Baked Rice / Sweet 'n' Spicy Drumlets / Ocean Catch Pan Personal Pizza

Pizza Hut Delivery - 6235 3535

*Promotion valid till 17th Feb 2011*


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