Apr 2, 2011

Annual Dinner at Marine Bay Sand

21 Jan 2011

Company Dinner & Dance at Marine Bay Sand Convention Hall

Assorted Lobster Salad Platter
Braised Shark's Fin Broth with Seafood
Wok Fried Prawn with Nuts
Steamed Marble Goby Fish with Spring Onion
Roast Crispy Chicken with Garlic
Braised Sliced Abalone and Sea Cucumber with Vegetables
Braised Ee Fu Noodles with Dried Scallop
Mango Juice with Pamelo
Theme of the night - Masquerade Night


Sonia (Nasi Lemak Lover) said...

All foods look so yummy!

Ah Tze said...

wow! The food looks yummylicious! I was at Marine Bay Sand, Todai the International Seadfood and Sushi Restaurant for buffet lunch, their seafoods are fabulous too.

Wen said...

Ah Tze, I went to Todai recently too. The spread was good especially liked the sushi.

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