Apr 7, 2011

Sing Ning Ji

22 Feb 2011

A new find in my neighbourhood. A cafe serving homestyle Dongbei & Sichuan cuisine at very reasonable pricing. The menu is pretty interesting and extensive too, from cold dishes, handmade noodles/lamien/dimsums, dumplings to stir fry dishes etcs. I tried their Beef Knife Shave noodles a week ago and find it quite nice. So I recommended to Sharon and went back to try their other dishes with her.

Steamed Buns - $$3.80

Very rustic steamed bun. Definitely can't compare this to those from restaurant. The skin was quite thick and the filling was not very soupy too but the taste was fine. Anyway it was really cheap.

Mouth Watering Chicken - S$5.00

This was very good and very generous portion too. A must try!

Zhajiang Mien - S$3.50

Simple but nice! I like the noodles texture quite al denta and the meat was very flavourful.

Spicy & Sour Soup - S$3.80

Not the type of starchy soup we expected. Very home style and again very generous with the ingredients. More like a egg soup with vinegar taste. Overall the food was quite nice and value for money. I definitely can see myself going back again.

Sin Ning Ji
Blk 107 Toa Payoh Lor 1
Singapore 310107
Opening hour:
Daily 6am - 9pm


Anncoo said...

These are all my favorite dishes. Is Sin Ning Ji opens everyday?

Bakertan said...


I have an award for you =]


Shirley @ Kokken69 said...

I was born when my parents were still staying at that area. There is nostalgia especially all the hawker stalls and coffee shops near the market. Haven't been there for ages, bet it has changed alot.

Wen said...

Hi Ann, yes open daily from 6am to 9pm.

Wen said...

Thanks ZY for passing me the award!

Wen said...

Hi Shirley, yes it has lots of changes over the years.

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