Jun 1, 2011

BK Crunchy Nacho Burgers - New!

A unique dining experience like no other! Nacho lovers can now snack and dine at the same time with the new BK Crunchy Nacho Burgers, featuring crispy nacho chips paired with spicy jalapeno BBQ sauce, grilled  caramelized onions and a slice of melt in the mouth American cheese. This is available for a limited time offer from 2nd June to 29th June 2011 at all Burger King restaurant located islandwide, get your nacho fix with four new mouth-watering additions that combine the tastiness and authenticity of the King’s signature 100% flame-grilled beef and chicken patty burgers with the crunchy satisfaction of nacho chips!

Complete a meal by ordering a sumptuous BK Crunchy Nacho Burger Value Meal which comes with a choice of medium fries and medium drink at a value price starting from S$5.95  (available every day from 11am).

Value Meal S$7.95 & S$5.95

The authentic flame-grilled beef patty burger to end all beef burgers, BK’s signature WHOPPER® and WHOPPER JR® now comes with a crunchy wallop with the addition of tasty and crispy nacho chips! A timeless classic made of 100% flame-grilled beef patty topped with ripe red tomato, good ol’ American cheese, crisp lettuce, creamy mayo, spicy jalapeno BBQ sauce, piquant pickles, now with an addition of caramelized onions, the NACHO WHOPPER® & NACHO WHOPPER JR® proves once again to be the king of all burgers!

Value Meal S$7.95

Relish the juicy, tender, 100% flame-grilled premium chicken thigh meat goodness of the popular Tendergrill chicken, now combined with crunchy nacho chips! Sink your teeth into soft water-split corn-dusted bun, red tomato slice, crispy lettuce, a slice of good ol’ American cheese, caramelized grilled onions, and BK’s spicy jalapeno BBQ sauce melded with luscious mayonnaise, and feel the exquisite flavors of the NACHO TENDERGRILL CHICKEN thrum in your mouth!

Value Meal S$7.95

If the decibel of a burger meal is the measure of dining satisfaction, then the crispy AND crunchy NACHO TENDERCRISP CHICKEN is the undisputed champion. Combining the spicy and crispy 100% premium chicken thigh meat Tendercrisp with crunchy nacho chips, every chomp of the mouth creates a musical flavor that sends a zing through the string of your heart! Served on a bed of lettuce, red ripe tomato, American cheese, creamy mayonnaise, spicy jalapeno BBQ sauce and crowned with perfectly sautéed onions, the NACHO TENDERCRISP CHICKEN leaves a delicious ditty in your head even after your last bite.

Sound great and looks so yummy right! I'm definitely going to grab one to try as I'm a nacho lover!

*The above informations are extracted from new release by Word of Mouth Communications.*


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