Jun 18, 2011

Weekend Breakfast III - Homemade Fluffy Pancake

I used to make pancake from pre-mix pack but since I started making it on my own years ago, I never go back to premix anymore as it's really simple to whip up. Whenever I make pancake for weekend breakfast, my doggies will be overjoyed because they get to share some of it...lol!

Nice and fluffy pancake over a cup of Nespresso! A wonderful weekend breakfast!

Recipe adapted from Nasi Lemak Lover:
150g Self raising flour
50g Sugar
1/4 tsp salt
110ml Fresh milk
1 egg
1tbsp Corn oil

1. Mix flour, sugar and salt in a mixing bowl.
2. Add in egg, milk and corn oil, use a hand whisk to stir well.
3. Spoon batter onto a non-stick pan (without oil) to pan fry until golden brown on both sides.
4. Serve hot with maple syrup/jam.


wensdelight said...

Thanks Jane!

passionbaker said...

Yum! Really looks soft and fluffy!

wensdelight said...

Thanks ice!

wensdelight said...

Thanks SSB!

wensdelight said...

Thanks for your wonderful recipe!

wensdelight said...

Thanks Jasmine! Do give it a try.

ice said...

The pancakes look really yummy and beautifully browned. Just like Mac's hotcakes! I love Mac's hotcakes!

wensdelight said...

Haha... the plain pancake is already heaven to them...lol!

Small Small Baker said...

Looks so soft and fluffy!

Nasi Lemak Lover said...

Hmm, yummy, we like to serve with maple syrup.

jasminelim said...

WOW! this look so nicely pan fried and look super fluffy! (:

Karen Lim said...

Ha Ha Wen, that's cute!  Does your doggies ask for maple syrup too?  ^_ ^

wensdelight said...

Thanks Jean! You can try frying it over low heat using a very lightly grease non stick frying pan. Light press the pancake as you fry. This is how I always do it.

Jean said...

hey i like how nicely and evenly browned your pancakes are! mine always got a yucky dark outer rim

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