Oct 22, 2011

My Bakes - July 2011

A summary of my bakes for July 2011! Some repeated bakes and tried out some recipes from fellow bloggers... 

I love this simple banana cupcake recipe! Been repeatedly baking these...

Special request from Hwee...

9th July 2011
Orange Heart Jelly Cheesecake
Recipe adapted from Tested and Tasted

A refreshing cheesecake dessert... almost similar to the strawberry heart jelly cheesecake.

7th July 2011

The cheesecake was nice but didn't turn out so well as my last attempt.

23th July 2011

Love how the chiffon turn out, tall and spongy!

26th July 2011
Elvis Presley's Favourite Pound Cake
Recipe adapted from Table for 2 or more......

A lot of raving on this cake but mine just didn't turn out well. Tasted buttery but the texture a bit hard for my liking. Maybe I have overfold or overbeat...


Edith said...

I too wanted to try that elvis pound cake but now I am having second thoughts.... as it might not be foolproof afterall. hehhe

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