Dec 19, 2011

Weekend Breakfast VIII - Gardenia Wraps

Gardenia Wraps were launched few months ago, come in original and wholemeal. The wraps provide quick and nutritious meal solutions, a great alternative to bread. It can be used as a pizza base too. Available in most local leading supermarkets. Have any of you tried before? 

I tried and loving it ever since... Each pack contains five pieces of soft wraps in a resealable bags. Convenient and handy. 

 Simple and delicious!

Lightly warm up the wrap in a flying pan. I wrap it with back bacons, scamble egg, cucumbers, romaine lettuce and tomatoes, lightly dressed with some mayonaise.  


Miso said...

Hi Wendy, I will get my hands on this wrap soon!  Thanks for sharing!  :)

Need to trouble you again regarding some technical aspect of the blog.  Can check with you how you did the directory page?  Is there some special coding that you used?  If you remember, you had helped me with the menu drop-down bar last time.  However, the list is getting longer and I think it is better to have a new directory page.

Sarina_abr said...

looks tempting.... sexy...

Edith said...

Its been ages I last had a wrap.  Yum.

Merry Christmas

wensdelight said...

Edith, may you and your family have a blessed Christmas!

wensdelight said...

Thanks Sarina!

wensdelight said...

Hi Miso,

The directory page is from the template and is not done manually, I just add in the page link. Maybe you can try choosing a template that comes with that.

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