Jun 23, 2012

Best of Honshu - Japan Trip Day 6 (22nd Sep 2009)

My 7 days Japan trip was ending soon as we completed the last part of the itinerary on Day 6 to Kobe. Kobe (神戸市) is one of the ten largest cities in Japan, west of Osaka.  

Buffet breakfast at Washington Hotel Plaza. It's always the most enjoyable meal of the day. 

Akashi Kaikyo Bridge (Pearl Bridge) opened in 1998, is approximately 4km long in length and is the world's longest suspension bridge. A visit to the Maiko Marine Promenade which consists of observatory hallways that offer interesting views of the bridge interior.

Views around Akashi Kaikyo Bridge.

Next we proceed to Kobe Chinatown. A compact dining and shopping district set up by the Chinese community in 1868 after the Kobe port was open up to foreign trade.  

Chinese food to the Japanese seem like is all about dumplings and steamed bun! Ha... There plenty of these stalls along the street of Chinatown.

Coincidently, there were some kind of Festival Parade going on that day. Quite interesting to watch.

After Chinatown we went to the Kobe Harbourland. A popular dining, shopping and entertainment centre along the waterfront of Kobe Port.                                   

There are 2 shopping complexes in the area - Mosaic and Canal Garden. We were given 2 hours to shop around the area after lunch.

Lunch was in one of the Oriental restaurant in Mosaic. Finally on the last day, we had something different but that was after so much complaints... lol!

As a foodie, of course I must check out the supermarket and I bought some cakes and macarons from Henri Charpentier. Yum!

Last destination of the day was to Osaka Castle Park (大阪城天守閣). There are many cherry blossom trees in the park which will attract lots of tourists and the locals to the park during the season. We took the road train into the park. 

The Osaka Castle is a symbol of Osaka and has been designated as an important cultural assets by Japanese Government.  

The castle is surrounded by the Greatest Stone Wall and is a overwhelming sight not to be missed.

Dinner was at a BBQ buffet restaurant near hotel. Since we were in Kobe in the afternoon of course we must try the world famous Kobe beef! Our tour guide arranged the beef to be couriered to the restaurant in Osaka for our dinner. This was not included in the tour, we had to pay for it. Couldn't remember how much was it already. The taste of Kobe beef was definitely memorable!  

The buffet spread was quite good too. After a satisfying dinner, we checked into our hotel for the night - Kansai Airport Washington Hotel.

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