May 6, 2012

Best of Honshu - Japan Trip Day 4 (20th Sep 2009)

We checked in late last night so I didn't expect to see this beautiful scenery from our hotel room early in the morning. Simply wonderful!   

Beautiful lake view from the hotel room...!

Lake Kawaguchi Hotel

Day view of the hotel.

Traditional Japanese Breakfast

Breakfast served in the hotel which I enjoyed it very much! Light and comforting. After breakfast, we made our way to Mount Fuji

Mount Fuji Kawaguchiko 5th Station Souvenir Shop 

We stopped by at the souvenir shop first before going to the museum. 

We were given a brief introduction by video on the information and ecology of Mount Fuji as well as the mountain history at the museum located at level 1 of the visitor centre. After that we proceed to the 2nd floor where there is an observation deck with views onto Mount Fuji. It will definitely be a stunning view if is during winter. Next we proceed to Owakudani, though suppose to be nearby but due to the massive traffic jam, it took us hours to the destination.  

Owakudani (大涌谷 "Great Boiling Valley")

Owakudani is a popular tourist attraction site. Also known as Great Boiling Valley, still an active volcanic valley with sulfur and hot springs. Access to Owakudani can either by funitel or hiking. Roughly about 1 km trail hike to the hot spring. On clear day, it has a good view of Mount Fuji too. Owakudani Black Egg is another attraction here where the eggs are cooked in hot spring water and the shell was blackened by the sulfur. It is a believe by the locals that by consuming 1 egg will prolong one's life by 7 years. 

Lunch @ Owakudani

Due to the massive traffic jam, by then we reached Owakudani for our lunch was almost 2pm. Lunch was provided in one of the restaurants in Owakudani, we get to try the Black Egg! Haha... really nothing special, like an ordinary hard boiled egg. Do you think my life will be extended by 7 years? Lol!

Souvenir shop @ Owakudani

Always attracted by the beautiful packaging! 

Shopping time! There's a premium outlet nearby. Didn't shop much as we were only given 1 hour to do so. I noticed the Japanese love dogs very much too. Doggies can be seen everywhere.

 Ocean Dining Restaurant

Dinner was in a restaurant near our hotel at Nagoya. Chawanmushi & tempura were almost served in every meals we had in Japan till we were all so tired of it and complaint to the tour guide to change the!   

Our hotel for the night...  every night staying in different hotel! A tiring day where half of the time spend on travelling on coach! Got to sleep early for tomorrow itinerary to Kyoto! 

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