Nov 2, 2008

Durian Mousse Cake

This was the durian mousse cake I made this weekend.


This recipe is from Richard Goh (CC instructor):
1 no 9" plain sponge cake (refer to recipes)
Ingredients for Durian Mousse:
5 tbsp Water
20g Gelatin
250g Fresh milk
50g Sugar
200g Durian flesh, blended
200g Fresh cream, whipped

1. Boil gelatin in water (5tbsp) until it melts. Set aside.
2. Boil milk, sugar & durian flesh & add in gelatin mixture. Leave aside to cool.
3. When the above mixture is completely cool, fold in whipped fresh cream, whisk well to combine by using a hand whisk.
4. Slice the sponge cake into 2 or 3 layer, place 1st layer into a detachable 9" cake tin, spread the mousse on the cake & cover with another layer of cake. Press the cake down a bit as it will tend to float up. Then spread remaining mousse.
5. Leave cake in the chiller to set.
6. Run a warm knife along the insides of the tin to dislodge the cake and decorate as desire.


devan said...


Just to check with you on following:

1) I have read so many method of dissolving gelatin and a bit confused. Some say thru microwave oven, some say double boil, and many others. Do u think i can just boil the water first, then quickly stir in the gelatin to disolve it?
2)Under the method para, step 2 - Is it ok to leave this gelatin mixture to cool before i add in the whipped cream. I have also read that gelatin mixture are to be kept warm to avoid it being harden for easier mixing.

Hope u can assist me as i wish to try this recipe.


Wen said...

Hi Devan,

I never try using a microwave to melt the gelatine before. Usually I will soak the gelatine in a stainless steel mixing bowl/a long handle small pot with the amount of water required for about 5 mins and melt it directly over the stove.

I think you can mix everything together then add in the gelatine as long as the gelatine is not piping hot, luke warm should be fine. I afraid it will melt the whipping cream.

Its a mousse cake so it's not so particular. You can let the durian mixture to cool down 1st, then you start melting the gelatine and whip up the dairy cream. Then mix everything together.

Glad that you plan to try out this recipe. Happy baking!


Anonymous said...

Hi Wen
I just made this durain cake yesterday is very sucessful n very nice.Tks for the recipe.


Wen said...

Hi Lilian, you are welcome. Glad that you like the recipe.

Fazie said...

hi wen, may I know what are u using as the topping for the cake. I mean deco. Can I hv the recipe too. many thanks

wensdelight said...

The recipe is on the post already. The sponge cake refers to the link and the durian mousse is the topping and filling.

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